OFN Loans was established to offer competitive rates on logbook loans for UK borrowers. Since starting, we've served thousands of borrowers and catered to those who have bad credit history. Because we aim to help, we are open 24/7 and application is completed through our online portal. Once the requirements are met, we send out approval and deliver your cash within minutes.

At OFN Loans, we do not only guarantee same day approval but we also promise reasonable rates on your loans. We can do this through our partnerships with other major lenders and players in the industry. By forging alliances with key companies, we are able to deliver our promise of competitive rates every time.

But what really sets OFN Loans apart our competition is our no credit check rule. While others refuse you a loan due to bad credit history, we work differently because we understand that credit rating shouldn't hinder you from getting a loan for emergencies and other financial troubles. At OFN Loans, anyone is welcome to apply for a loan. With our high approval rate, you can always expect to get approved immediately.